About The Brand
More than A Headwear
It’s An Extension of
Your Riding Personality

Gracshaw is a specialised brand under the umbrella of 2X-Site(2x-site.com), a leading manufacturer of quality helmets and accessories since 2006. Gracshaw was conceptualised with the vision to provide sophisticated and style-conscious riders with high-performance headwear specially designed for demanding activities including racing as well as extreme sports.


The key brand pillar for Gracshaw is Performance, as reflected in its tagline “Rave About Performance”. The brand is defined by its high-performance nature and its ability to fulfil the dynamic needs of advanced users.

The name Gracshaw is a creative conceptual name derived from the Italian expression ‘grandioso’ which denotes greatness and superiority. These exceptional characteristics is what separates Gracshaw from other competing brands.

Brand Values
Values That Keep
You Ahead of the Rest

Gracshaw products are widely regarded as resilient creations capable of sustaining intense amounts of stress and external elements without losing its original physical properties.


The Gracshaw brand represents a greater level of confidence, originating not only internally from the user, but also externally from the Gracshaw products worn.


By setting a new standard in high-performance wear, Gracshaw intends to inspire not only our customers, but also suppliers and even competitors to reach greater heights.


Gracshaw and strength are two inseparable elements. Every customer interaction with Gracshaw is envisioned to evoke a powerful experience that resonates.


Beyond the immediate physical and emotional impact Gracshaw brings, it is also a brand that is ever-evolving in a continuous pursuit of ever higher levels of excellence.

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